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Discover the freedom of going wireless

by Feb 26, 2021

A wireless headset gives you freedom. Answering a call away from your desk and carrying on conversations where you need to take them, freeing up both your hands to make notes, using a computer, etc., makes you more productive. You have the additional freedom to stand up, leave your desk and move around during phone calls, currently up to 90m (300ft) from your desk.

What to consider when choosing a headset

When selecting any headset, you need to buy one with the right connections. Do you need to connect to a computer-based softphone, mobile phone, desk phone, or multiple devices? Do you want it to work with your mobile phone as well as your desk phone?

It is a personal choice how you want your wireless headset to fit, but your environment and what you are connecting are the most critical parts of the decision.

If you need to talk and hear what’s going on around you, a monaural or single-ear wireless headset is best, so you have one ear open. If you need to entirely focus on what is being said on the other end of a call, covering up both ears (binaural) is optimal to block out the noise around you.

There are several health benefits of using a wireless headset. When not connected to your phone via a cord, you have more movement. You can move your neck, shoulders, and head, releasing any tension. Using a wireless headset also means no strain in your hands from holding a handset for an extended time, you aren’t stuck in the same position all day, you can get up, stretch your legs and move around, relieving the strain of the day.

If you have a desk phone, connecting a wireless headset provides mobility and freedom to roam. A device such as an EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) or a handset lifter for older desk phones automatically picks up calls while wearing the wireless headset.

Consider how do you want to wear your headset? Do you want an over-the-ear headset or a headset with a headband?  Headsets are adjustable; you can easily switch the headset to fit either ear. If you choose a binaural headset (both ears are covered), they can be worn with the microphone positioned on either ear.

If you want a smaller, lighter weight and more discrete headsets, then over-the-ear wireless headsets are better than over-the-head wireless headsets.  This is totally one of many personal preferences which will influence your decision of which wireless headset to choose.

If you’re undecided or new to wireless headsets, you may want to consider a convertible model.  A convertible wireless headset comes with multiple wearing styles and allows you to find that perfect fit.  Selecting a convertible headset is also beneficial in an office where people share headsets with different wearing preferences. You can quickly and easily change to the style you prefer.

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